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Selma Henrichs, M.A.
Certified Positive Psychotherapist(WAPP)

Psychological Counselor
Addiction Counselor
Life Coach
Basic Trainer


"If you want to have something you never had before, you have to do something you have never done before." (Nossrat Peseschkian)


Christian Henrichs, Dipl.-Psych., M.Phil.(


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My Services


Family and Couple Therapy

Marriage decision and partner selection counselling


Personality Differences and Communication Problems in Marriage


Coping with the fear of pregnancy

Psychological support after pregnancy

Problems with children

Problems with the spouse's family

Psychological support pre-divorce, in the process of divorce and after divorce

Decision of re-marriage

Effects of divorce on children

Domestic Violence

Services for children and adolescents

School problems

Coping with the fear of school

Preparation of work plan

Carrier and Job Selection

Prevention of unwanted behaviors on children

TV, Internet, PC, Play Station addictions

Social Skills Training




Increase self-esteem




Adolescence problems

Escape from home or school

Individual Services and Coaching


Increase self-confidence

"No," says skills

Expressing yourself

Effective Speech

Problem-solving skills

Time management

Effective Stress Management

Anger Control

Effective communication

Using creativity in life

Development of positive thought

Motivation enhancement

Career Counseling

Addiction Counseling  (Individual)

Information about addictions

Prevention of harmful habits

Drug addiction

Alcohol addiction

Smoking addiction

Gambling addiction

Shopping addiction

Internet addiction

Eating addiction

Psychological Support for the addict`s family

Conflict Mediation

It is focused on communication and thereby is helped to clarify issues and developed to find a win-win solution to the problems.