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Selma Henrichs, M.A.
Certified Positive Psychotherapist(WAPP)

Psychological Counselor
Addiction Counselor
Life Coach
Basic Trainer


"If you want to have something you never had before, you have to do something you have never done before." (Nossrat Peseschkian)


Christian Henrichs, Dipl.-Psych., M.Phil.(


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Who is Selma Henrichs?


She was born in Adana, Turkey, in 1976 and grew up in Northern Cyprus. In 2005, she did her postgraduate studies in Psychological Counselling at The Near East University and her masters dissertation was on “A Comparison of the women abuse between working and non-working women” (2005). Simultaneously, she researched on "Prevalence of Violence against women in the TRNC", in co-operation with Ass.Prof. Ebru Cakici and Ass. Prof. Mehmet Cakici which was published as book in 2007. In 2006, she participated a 3-month English Language Course in Canterbury Stafford House School of English in England. Between 2004-2009, she worked in the Pink Chateau Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, and Eating Addiction, Treatment and Rehabilitation Center as a psychological counselor. In 2009, she started to work in her own counseling center in Northern Cyprus specialising on individual therapy, personal development, addiction counseling, family and couple therapy. She also organised many educational seminars for families during this time. She was invited as a expert guest to many TV and radio programs and her interviews were published in many different newspapers. Between 2004-2010, she participated in a postgraduate training on Positive Psychotherapy and in 2010 she got her certificate as Positive Psychotherapist from World Association of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP), Wiesbaden. Germany. In 2011 she married and started to live in Köln, Germany. There, she continues to work in her private practise as psychological counselor. Since 2012, after some projects as co-trainer, she has also became Basic Trainer of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP).


2012                          Basic Trainer of Positive Psychotherapy, certified by World Association of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP), Wiesbaden

2008-2010                 Certified Positive Psychotherapist (Master Training Course) (885 hours), Cyprus, from Cyprus Mental Health Institute and WAPP

19-21/12/2008           Forensic Psychology (25 hours), Cyprus

2005 - 2007               Basic Consultant for Positive Psychotherapy (Basic Training Course) (125 hours), Cyprus, from Cyprus Mental Health Institute and WAPP

2005 - 2007                Cyprus Mental Health Institute & NAADAC Organization,

Education of Addiction Counselling (150 hours theory + 1000 hours practise), Cyprus

20/04/2005                 Cyprus Turkish Mental Health Institute, “Youth Problems and Prevention of Drug Abuse” (3 hours), Cyprus

2005 - 2007                Rorschach ve TAT Tests (2 years), Cyprus

1993                           Bingöllü Computer Education Center (3 Months), Cyprus



2011                            International Training Seminar on Positive Psychotherapy, Frankfurt Germany

09-12/10/2010            11th International Training Seminar for Trainers and 5th World Congress for Positive Psychotherapy, Istanbul - Turkey

15-20/10/2007            8th International Training Seminar for Trainers and 4th World Congress for Positive Psychotherapy, Famagusta - Cyprus

22/09/2004                  1 st Bicommunal Symposium, For the Prevention of Substance Abuse, Nicosia - Cyprus


GIVEN SEMINERS (In praxise, schools and some associations)

2007 – 2011                Social skills training.                                                 Cyprus

To talk with children about sexuality.

Sibling jealousy.

To have healthy children.

To explain death to children.

Working mothers and their children.

Problems in adolescence.

Communication within the family.

Coping with exam anxiety.

The success in the school.

Efficient working methods.

Protect our children from drugs.

Protection of dependency.

Prevention of addiction.

Dependency on young people.

Prevention of women abuse.

Interpersonal communication.

Effective communication.

Positive stress management.

Cope with stress.

Time management.

Anger control.




13/01/2012                  Conference, “Violence Against Women”, MAGEM, Cyprus

2005 - 2011                Participation of various radio and television programs and conferences  as a expert guest, Cyprus

16/06/2008                 Cyprus Newspaper, “Sexual abuse is rising!”, Reportage

17/03/2008                  Cyprus Newspaper, “75% of women, victims of physical violence”, News

17/03/2008                  Halkýn Sesi Newspaper, “There is woman abuse in Cyprus”, News

17/03/2008                  Yenidüzen Newspaper, “In Cyprus, women are exposed to 86,3% psychological and 74,7% physical abuse”, News

17/03/2008                  Halkýn Sesi Newspaper, “30-50 percent of women psychiatric patients have been women abuse”, News

17/03/2008                  Ortam Newspaper, “In Cyprus, women are under the psychological and physical abuse”, News

17/03/2008                  Vatan Newspaper, “What is prevalence of women abuse in Cyprus?”, News

17/03/2008                  Sözcü Newspaper, “Conference of women abuse was made”, News

17/03/2008                  Güneþ Newspaper, “Physical abuse to women!”, News

19/01/2007                  Ortam Newspaper, “We have depression”, News

07/01/2008                  Cyprus Newspaper, “Reformatory Required”, News

19/03/2006                  Cyprus Newspaper, “BDH Women's Committee organized a panel n Near East University”, News

12/03/2006                  Yenidüzen Newspaper, “In Cyprus, women are exposed to 86% psychological and 75% physical abuse”,  


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