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Psychotherapy + Business Coaching

Christian Henrichs

Christian Henrichs
Dipl.-Psych., M.Phil.

Business Coach
Cologne, Germany

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  Practice Henrichs
Gierather Str. 15, D-51069 Cologne
Tel.: +49 (0) 221 3679648
Fax: +49 (0) 221 3679649
henrichs (at)

Lines 3 or 18 until Thielenbruch
then ca. 10 min. by walking
or S11 until Köln-Dellbrück
then Bus 436 until Strundener Str.
Own parking at Restaurant
"Alt Strunden" (Gierather Str. 19)

Psychotherapist and Business Coach
with a Positive Approach from Cologne, Germany

Psychological Advice with Expert Depth and International Scope

Christian Henrichs is an internationally experienced psychotherapist and business coach from Cologne, Germany. He uses a cross-cultural and capacity-oriented approach and combines psychological expertise with management know-how, intercultural experience and a humanistic attitude. His work focuses on providing psychological services in his own practice, on advising executives and teams in various organizations and on the education and training of psychotherapists and coaches worldwide. In the last 15 years, he has done seminars and projects in more than 80 organizations and 20 countries. He is president of the German Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (DGPP).

Qualification: Dipl.-Psych. (Bonn, D), M.Phil. (Bristol, UK), psychological psychotherapist (approbation, chartered psychotherapist), certified coach and industrial and organizational psychologist (BDP, EFPA), state-recognized lecturer, teaching therapist and supervisor for psychodynamic psychotherapy (LPA NRW), master trainer and supervisor for positive psychotherapy (WAPP, DGPP), transcultural psychotherapy (IAPP), european and world certificate for psychotherapy (EAP, WCP), student and co-worker of Nossrat Peseschkian (1933-2010, founder of positive psychotherapy), visiting professor in Bolivia and China, holder of the international award for positive psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy, Supervision
Business Coaching, Team Development, Conflict Mediation

References: Bayer, Telekom, AE&E Inova, Tank & Rast, RWTH Aachen, Postbank Data, BKA German Federal Police, THW Federal Agency for Technical Relief, Sinoma Science and Technology, VDI Association of German Engineers, SDM Software, Design and Management, BMV Federal Ministry of Defence, DBB German Federation of Civil Servants Academy, KBAP Cologne-Bonn Academy for Psychotherapy, WIAP Wiesbaden Academy for Psychotherapy, BAKÖV Federal Academy of Public Administration, MAK Media Academy Cologne of Bertelsmann Foundation, IAPP International Academy for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy, GIZ German Agency for International Cooperation etc.

Services: Psychodynamic psychotherapy, positive and transcultural psychotherapy, couple therapy, business coaching / executive coaching, workshop moderation (e.g. team building, strategy-, planning- and reflection-workshops), conflict mediation (e.g. in teams, in projects and in leadership dialogue), management seminars, training and further education seminars for psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches, training therapy, individual- and group-supervision, case- and team-supervision.

Experience: Since 2001, Christian Henrichs has been conducting events on psychological and on management topics. In parallel, he has built up his work with individual clients – amongst them, high-ranking executives of DAX companies and government related organizations. Another field has always been his international activities. In China, he has done training projects in numerous cities, and he worked with central executives of public administration. In Bolivia and Albania, he introduced newly created university master level programs. In Turkey, in Cyprus and in Poland, he promoted the establishment of psychotherapy centres. In Afghanistan and Ukraine, he concluded conflict mediations in international teams. For other projects, he travelled, for instance, to India, Kosovo, Romania, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the United States. He is married in intercultural marriage, has two children and is engaged in the German Bahá'í community for many years.

"My clients contact me with quite different concerns: in an emotionally challenging situation, to promote their professional development, to work on their relationship or for general consultation and reflection. Normally, we first get an orientation on the objectives and then we work step by step. In this process, the development of concrete problem solutions and the strengthening of personal resources go hand in hand. After the motto: "There is no elevator to happiness – you have to use the staircase" (Nossrat Peseschkian). Outside the individual setting, I consult teams and groups in change processes and conflicts, and I train therapists and coaches in different countries."

Keywords: Psychotherapist, Business Coach, Cologne.


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